Want to be part of it? Become an exhibitor at the Craft Spirits Festival DESTILLE BERLIN.

Craft Spirits Festival DESTILLE BERLIN is dedicated to independent producers working with artisanal spirits from A to Z, from absinthe to Zwetschgenwasser (plum brandy). Craft spirits proudly offer a corrective alternative to industrial mass production. Exhibitors from Germany, France, Mexico, Canada, Finland, Israel, Hungary, Austria, Switzerland, Martinique, Estonia, Denmark, Japan and Italy joined the festival.

The two day trade show brings together craft distillers with restaurateurs, buyers for retail, wholesale, and F&B managers. At the same time, DESTILLE BERLIN is open to a non-professional public and passionate connoisseurs.

DESTILLE BERLIN is Europe’s first event exclusively dedicated to craft spirits.

Package S
All-inclusive fee is 320 Euro.

Our small stand offers you the possibility to present your products with little transport effort at a low cost. We provide a part of a table: 95 cm (l) x 82 cm (d), and electricity 220 V, 1 KW.

Package S

Package L

Package L
All-inclusive 790 Euro.

Our big stand allows for participation in the show with maximal freedom. We provide an exhibition area of 1,75 m (w) x 1,50 m (d). The exhibitor is responsible for all furnishings. Electricity: 220 V, 1 KW.

Package L Plus
All-inclusive 875 Euro.

This comprises package L and additionally a counter of 120 cm (l) x 65 cm (d) x 114 cm (h).

Package L

Review Destille Berlin 2017

  • 87 exhibitors from Germany, France, Mexico, Finland, Hungary, Austria, Switzerland, Martinique, Danmark, Italy
  • 900 square meters exhibition area on two floors
  • more than 600 handcrafted spirits
  • the program includes 23 speeches and tastings
  • Award ceremony “Craft Spirits Awards DESTILLE BERLIN”: 31 gold, 43 silver and 57 bronze medals

Our Craft Manifesto

  • Artisanal traditional production by small distilleries
  • Independent distilleries without corporate shareholders
  • Free of artificial and synthetic additives, no preservatives
  • Free of yeast and flavoring extracts
  • Free of artificial sugar substitutes
  • Free of GMOs

What people say

„Beim Essen spielt Regionalität eine immer größere Rolle, nun gilt der Trend auch für Spirituosen. Das Festival DESTILLE BERLIN präsentiert Manufakturprodukte.“ (Der Tagesspiegel)

„Heute ist die DESTILLE BERLIN die größte Veranstaltung ihrer Art in ganz Europa.“ (Creme Guides)

„Wer mit dem Gedanken spielt, selbst unter die Brenner zu gehen, dem sei die Podiumsdiskussion ‚Der Weg zur eigenen Destillerie‘ empfohlen.“ (falstaff)

„Besonders toll fand ich das Networking auf dem Festival. Man kommt mit vielen interessanten Menschen, Brennerkollegen und potentiellen Kunden in Kontakt.“ (Tom Inden-Lohmar, Mampe Berlin)

„As a master distiller, I have been to numerous fairs and festivals. DESTILLE BERLIN is both the best organized and the most fun.“ (Mikko Mykkänen, The Helsinki Distilling Company)

„Die Goldmedaille für unseren Gin ist überwältigend, aber besonders die Resonanz der vielen Verkoster freut mich sehr. Wir kommen nächstes Jahr gerne wieder!“ (Markus Wuchner, Maidli Gin)