Day 1: Saturday 3 March, 2018

Stage 1: Tastings

12:00 / Tasting

Die Kunst des Dessert- und Cocktail-Pairing

René Frank - CODA Dessert Dining & Bar

René Frank

Star Patissier René Frank and Oliver Bischoff founded the CODA Dessert Bar in Berlin, Germany's first dessert bar.

13:00 / Tasting

Experiment vs. Tradition: The Future of Craft Spirits and Urban Distilleries

Nicolas Julhès - La Distillerie de Paris (auf Englisch - in English)

Nicolas Julhès

Nicolas Julhès comes from a family of grocers who are passionate about their products. In 2015 he founded together with his brother Sébastien the first legal distillery of Paris "intra muros".

14:00 / Tasting

Crash-Kurs Cocktail: Bitters - die Würze jeder Bar

Stephanie Custance & Max Haase - Redwood Bar

Stephanie Custance & Max Haase

Stephanie Custance has been working at Redwood since its opening in 2012 where Max Haase is one of the enthusiastic bartenders.

15:00 / Tasting

Mit oder ohne Alkohol? Die neue Kunst des Trinkens

Nicole Klauß - Autorin "Die neue Trinkkultur"

Nicole Klauß

Nicole Klauß has completed a wine expert training at the German Wine and Sommelier School to specialise in non-alcoholic beverages.

16:00 / Tasting

Flagrance as Code

Arnd Henning Heissen - Ritz Carlton

Arnd Henning Heissen

Arnd Henning Heissen is one of the best-known figures in the German bar scene and is currently leading Flagrance at Ritz Carlton Berlin.

17:00 / Tasting

Crash-Kurs Kräuterspirituosen: Die kleine Drogenkunde

Martin Barth - Preussische Spirituosen Manufaktur

Martin Barth

The herbal expert Martin Barth is the Head of Production at the Berlin-based Preussische Spirituosen Manufaktur.

18:00 / Tasting

Crash-Kurs Whisky: Drei Dinge, die du noch nicht über das Wasser des Lebens wusstest

Christian Schrade - Idea Distillers

Christian Schrade

Christian Schrade is a spirits sommelier, whisky consultant and managing director at the Idea Distillers, a Berlin-based company that supports distillers in marketing, communication and sales.

Stage 2: Lectures and panel discussions

12:30 / Lecture

Was ist "Craft"?

Panel discussion with Axel Huhn - Mezcaleria; Rüdiger Sasse - Sasse Feinbrennerei; Billy Wagner - Nobelhart & Schmutzig; Angelika Wiesgen-Pick - BSI.

Axel Huhn

Axel Huhn is an expert on Mezcals and an important protagonist of the Craft Spirits Movement.

Rüdiger Sasse

Rüdiger Sasse started the Sasse Feinbrennerei.

Billy Wagner

Billy Wagner is the natural wines sommelier of Berlin's Nobelhardt und Schmutzig.

Angelika Wiesgen-Pick

Angelika Wiesgen-Pick is leading the Association of the German Spirits Industry.

13:30 / Lecture

Hochprozenter unter der Lupe. Tipps und Tricks der Spirituosenanalytik

Johannes Fuchs - Forschungsinstitut für Bier- und Getränkeanalytik

Johannes Fuchs

Johannes Fuchs is the Head of the Spirits and Sensory Analysis Departement at the Research Institute for Beer and Beverage in Berlin.

14:30 / Lecture

Das Ende des Branntweinmonopols: neue Zeiten für Craft Distillers?

Werner Albrecht - Bundesministerium für Ernährung und Landwirtschaft

Werner Albrecht

Werner Albrecht is the Head of the Department of Wine, Beer and Beverage Economics at the Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture (BMEL)

15:30 / Lecture

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly: Noten und Fehlnoten in Obstbränden

Klaus Hagmann - Carl Destillationstechnik

Klaus Hagmann

Dr. Klaus Hagmann is one of the well-known distillation experts in Germany.

16:30 / Lecture

Berlin brennt – die Spirituosenproduzenten der Hauptstadt

Panel discussion with Rolf Bläser - Ingwerer; Cornelia Bohn - Preussische Whiskydestillerie; Tom Inden-Lohmar - Mampe; Christian Mock - La Berlinoise

Rolf Bläser

Rolf Bläser founded the liqueur Ingwerer.

Cornelia Bohn

Cornelia Bohn is the founder of Preussische Whisky Destillerie.

Tom Inden-Lohmar

Tom Inden-Lohmar is one of the brains behind the oldest still existing spirits brand in the capital: Mampe Berlin.

Christian Mock

Christian Mock and Marco Rüdiger have redeveloped an absinthe in Berlin.

17:30 / Lecture

Wie wird man Destillateur(in)? Ausbildung vs. Quereinstieg

Panel discussion with Franziska Bischof - Die Brennerin; Teresa Bullmann - L'Atelier du Bouilleur.

Franziska Bischof

Sommelier Franziska Bischof is running a family-owned distillery in the fourth generation and has breathed a new spirit into the company.

Theresa Bullmann

Theresa Bullmann happened to come across L' atelier du Bouilleur and has become an outstanding distiller in southern France.

18:30 / Lecture

Vermouth - the new old drink.

Panel discussion with Lisa Bauer - DeVin; Silvia Schneider - Znaida Vermouth; Marta Vaquer - Casa Mariol (auf Englisch - in English)

Lisa Bauer

Lisa Bauer (Styria), Silvia Schneider (Berlin) and Marta Vaquer (Catalonia) produce very different types of Vermouth. Their common passion: the bittered flavoured wines.

Silvia Schneider

Lisa Bauer (Styria), Silvia Schneider (Berlin) and Marta Vaquer (Catalonia) produce very different types of Vermouth. Their common passion: the bittered flavoured wines.

Marta Vaquer

Lisa Bauer (Styria), Silvia Schneider (Berlin) and Marta Vaquer (Catalonia) produce very different types of Vermouth. Their common passion: the bittered flavoured wines.

Curated by Valerie Chartrain,

Day 2: Sunday 4 March, 2018

Stage 1: Tasting

12:30 / Tasting

Crash-Kurs Cocktail: What You Need for the Ultimate Home Bar

Tuan Nguyen - Wagner (auf Englisch - in English)

Tuan Nguyen

Tuan Nguyen is bartender at Wagner Cocktailbistro in Berlin-Kreuzberg. This is where he takes care of his collection of cocktail books.

13:30 / Tasting

Crash-Kurs Rum: Die Vielfalt des Zuckerrohrgetränks

Pascal Kählin - J. B. Labat

Pascal Kählin

Pascal Kählin is bartender, master distiller and one of the renowned rum ambassadors of the GSA.

14:00 / Tasting

Crash-Kurs Cachaca: "Industrial" vs. "Artisanal"

Margo Marques, Hal Stockley - Cachaca Abelha (auf Englisch - in English)

Margo Marques

Margo Marques and Hal Stockley have enraptured the English bar world with the artisanal quality of the Brazilian national drink.

14:30 / Tasting

Crash-Kurs Cocktail: Shaken or stirred? Whisky Sour und Negroni meistern.

Amos Wasserbach - Kupfer

Amos Wasserbach

Amos Wasserbach has worked in Switzerland, Germany and Israel for the last seven years. He is now mixing at the Kupfer, Berlin.

15:00 / Tasting

Baijiu: The World of Chinese Spirits

Derek Sandhaus - Capital Spirits (auf Englisch mit Einführung auf Deutsch von Mathias Hegger) (in English)

Derek Sandhaus

Derek Sandhaus is the educational director of Ming River Baijiu and author of "Baijiu: The Essential Guide to Chinese Spirits". Derek spent almost a decade sipping and savoring local spirits as a China-based writer and editor. He is living in Jerusalem, where he has developed fondness for arak.

16:00 / Tasting

Crash-Kurs Gin: Das Wacholder-Einmaleins

Frank Mangold - Botanical Affairs

Frank Mangold

Frank Mangold is running "Botanical Affairs", a Gin Bar in Berlin. He takes you on a trip through the world of juniper based beverages.

18:00 / Tasting

Crash-Kurs Kornbrand: Tradition, Innovation, Genuss

Georg Glitz-Ehringhausen - Brennerei Ehringhausen

Georg Glitz-Ehringhausen

In 2012, Georg Glitz-Ehringshausen and his sister Theres took over the Korn Distillery which their grandfather had founded in 1962. They now embody the young generation of the Kornbrand Renaissance.

Stage 2: Lectures and Panel Discussions

13:00 / Lecture

What is a vintage cocktail?

Franck Audoux - Author of "French Modern", Owner Cravan Bar (auf Englisch - in English)

Franck Audoux

Paris based Franck Audoux is the owner of Cravan, he has launched IN GOOD COMPANY, a series of events during which renowned bartenders creations are paired with food, as well as FICTIONS, telling cocktails’ stories. He has just completed a book on cocktails of the 1920s and 1930s (Editions Rizzolli, June 2018)

14:00 / Lecture

All Tequilas are Mezcals

David Suro - Siembra Azul (auf Englisch - in English)

David Suro

David Suro runs the restaurant Tequilas in Philadelphia, he is the founder of the Siembra Azul brand and a passionate ambassador for the agave spirits.

15:00 / Lecture

From Farm to Bar: Was Regionalität und Frische für Bars bedeuten

Oliver Ebert - Becketts Kopf

Oliver Ebert

Oliver Ebert is the founder of Becketts Kopf, a bar dedicated to craft spirits.

16:00 / Lecture

Die Natur der Sache. Aus dem Nähkästchen eines Craft-Produzenten

Reinhard Pohorec - Pontica Drinks

Reinhard Pohorec

Austrian Reinhard Pohorec is passionate about everything related to smell, taste, aroma and flavour, he is a spirits educator, and the co-founder of Pontica Drinks.

17:00 / Lecture

Extraktion saisonaler Aromen? New Barkeeping 2018

Ruben Neideck - Velvet Bar

Ruben Neideck

Ruben Neideck's professional career took him through the most important bars of the capital, he is now Head of the Velvet Bar in Berlin-Neukölln.